A-Z Law Practice Management Blueprint

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Dear Fellow Attorney,

Are you tired of unproductive employees who lack motivation and constantly cause drama in your office? Do they have too much time on their hands or are they just simply not a good fit?

Truth be told, it’s not always the employee. The majority of lawyers don’t have a clue about how to hire superstar staff. Better yet, they don’t effectively train the staff they do hire. There is rarely any real in depth training for new hires in law firms. What I see more often than not, is a new employee being told to shadow another employee for several days and then being thrown out in the waters and made to sink or swim.

Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. Like I said, in depth training and superstar hires are not the norm for law firms.

What’s worse is that even if new employees manage to half way learn their jobs, getting maximum or even above par productivity out of them is next to impossible. It goes without saying that managing employees and lawyers is by far THE biggest headache when it comes to running a law firm!

Solve All your Employee Management Problems

What if I told you I have found a lawyer who has cracked the code and is willing to share the secrets to solving all of your employee management problems? Sounds too good to be true, I know, but listen…this lawyer took his law firm from 0 to 27,000 cases in a little over 10 years. He presently manages over 200 employees and only handles disability cases. Now, as some of you may already know, disability cases are low margin and staff intensive. To be profitable, keeping employee productivity high and costs low is imperative.

This lawyer, Ken LaVan, has made the impossible possible! I have been asking Ken for years to share his secrets for hiring, motivating and keeping highly productive employees. He has finally agreed to unlock his vault and reveal the secrets that have catapulted and transformed his firm into one of the largest Disability Law Firms in the nation. Ken agreed to do this with only one condition: Only the real deal…No theory. Well, you know me – I am a practical, nuts and bolts type of guy – give me meat – save all the fluff for someone else! So, needless to say, I was overjoyed when he made this request.

A-Z Law Practice Management Blueprint

As a result, we are going to do a one day interactive workshop. This one day event will cover not just hiring, but training and motivating new employees along with how to hold them accountable. Below are a few of the practical nuts and bolts topics to be covered:

  • Step-by-Step Checklist for New Hires
  • Creating Job Descriptions
  • Creating an Employee Handbook
  • Establishing Benchmarks
  • How to Create and Utilize an Onboarding Training Manual
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Keeping Employee Morale High
  • Creating an Organizational Chart
  • How to Create a Mission Statement
  • How to Interview Applicants Without Getting Fooled
  • How to Deal with Toxic and Problem Employees
  • How to Create a Salary Structure for Staff that Motivates Them to Excel
  • How to Properly Fire an Employee
  • And Much Much More!

Any of the above look like something you could benefit from?

Of course it does…

But wait – there’s more!

Every attendee will leave with forms, manuals and templates Ken LaVan and myself use every day in our practices. These forms alone are worth the price of admission! Most mid-level corporations would charge $10,000-$20,000 for an event like this. $5,000 would not be a bad deal. But what if I told you your price is only $597? That’s right. Only $597. But there is one caveat…we only have 50 seats. Once they’re sold, we will close registration. The event is on March 6th 2015, so act fast!

How are we doing this practice changing event for only $597? Simple.

We’ve worked out a sweetheart deal with the Westin. They had a one day gap in their schedule, so they offered it to us at a deep discount, and we’re passing that saving onto you because we felt this information was too important to hold back.

If you are ready to solve your management headaches, I urge you to act now and register ASAP. This event will definitely sell out quickly. If you fail to take advantage of this rare opportunity, you’ll be kicking yourself!

As with all PILMMA sponsored events, this program is backed by PILMMA’s 100% Ironclad Guarantee…n ot only will we issue you a full refund, but we’ll also give you up to $500 of documented travel expenses.

This really is a no brainer, so register today before we sell out of seats!

Dedicated to your success,


Kenneth L. Hardison

P.S. Act now – only 50 seats available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. The event is on March 6th 2015, so act fast!

P.P.S. This event is backed by PILMMA’s 100% Ironclad Guarantee. No risk to you.